“ I feel really grateful that I was able to work with Dr. Krista.  She is impressive for several reasons.  First, she’s incredibly knowledgeable.  I had a complicated set of injuries that had been nagging me for a long time.  Within a few sessions, my most chronic injury had subsided and it no longer bothers me.  Equally impressive was how creative she was in working with my injuries that were more stubborn.  She was always warm and personable, and creates a safe environment. I never dreaded my appointments--- I always looked forward to them!”

Andrea Ferreti, Editor Yoga Journal

“I was introduced to Dr. Krista after the birth of my child by a physical therapist who said Dr. Krista was the person to help me with my hip and back pain.  No words can adequately describe how talented, skilled and complete a bodyworker/ healer Dr. Krista is, but suffice to say, in all my years, I have never been treated by anyone, anywhere, as thoroughly and specifically. Dr. Krista’s knowledge is vast, and as a result her multidisciplinary approach provides her clients with the most customized treatments available.  In addition, Dr. Krista is a kind, calm and truly invested caregiver.  I cannot recommend Dr. Krista more highly.” 

Debra Messing, Actress

“It has been a great deal of comfort to refer patients to a true healer with diverse training in the arts of complimentary medicine.  Dr. Krista brings significant knowledge in Western medicine to offer a powerful integrative and holistic approach to patient care.  Her greatest gift proves to be her vibrant energy and experience at treating people at all levels, mind, body and spirit.  Thank you Dr. Krista for your presence, skills and friendship.  You make all of those who work with you look better.”

Shaheed Abdullah, Acupuncturist

“It’s hard to find the words to explain the way that I feel about Dr. Krista’s treatments. I had a stroke last year and Krista is helping me and my body get stronger so that I can do more with my life.  She works with me to regain the function of one side of my body.  She helps me walk better, stronger and focus on what I can do.  I value the warmth of her touch that creates a pleasurable environment where I can relax.” Steve C.

click here to view Steve’s gait progress over the course of therapy

“It has been very rewarding for me to work alongside of Dr. Krista professionally as a physical therapist, and deeply enriching to know her as a close friend.  Her exuberance, talent, sincerity and creativity illuminate all aspects of her healing and artistic activities, and inspire those whose lives are touched by her beauty and grace.”  John Lovejoy, PT

“Dr. Krista was my clinical instructor for a 15 week long internship. She was an awesome mentor, teacher and friend. There was never any hesitation to let me explore my own abilities and she consistently gave me constructive feedback which allowed me to grow and become more confident in my own abilities. She has an excellent understanding of the human body and balances her treatments with more holistic and eastern techniques. Through Krista I have gained an appreciation for the power of touch and the connection it has to our spirits. Krista showed me different manual techniques and created an ideal learning environment, even allowing me to practice on her. She taught me how to assess and treat the Sacroiliac Joint, Thoracic Spine and Costovertebral joints in ways that were not addressed in my schooling. Having worked closely with her for three months, I can attest that her approach and skills are effective. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Krista and will look back on my experience with her fondly. She has inspired me to never stop learning, opened my eyes to some very effective, non-traditional techniques and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I was very lucky to have studied under Dr. Krista and will be forever thankful and grateful.” Beth Mickelson

“In 2005, at the young age of 49, my life came to an abrupt halt.  I developed chronic pain syndrome as a result of severe and disabling spinal pain from degenerative discs in my neck, mid-back, and lower back, worsening scoliosis, and weakness and instability in my left leg due to multiple knee surgeries.  Due to the conditions, I was unable to sit , stand, or walk for even 5-10 minutes at a time.  I was exhausted and endured a 3 years of just surviving to take care of my then 7 year old son, eat, and go to physical therapy treatments for 3 years.  I was frozen in pain despite 3 years of Western traditional physical therapy.  After receiving less than 6 months of weekly therapy from Krista, I regained mobility without aggravating my condition, consistent reduction in pain, pain management, strength, and the ability to enjoy my life again (my son, my friends, some of my water sports).  I am certain that I would still be struggling with constant pain had I not seen Krista.

My problems started after a simple knee cartilage repair requiring 6 weeks of complete leg immobility (nonweight bearing and straight leg required) and sitting in an awkward position while continuing to work full-time.  I went to a ‘renowned’ sports medicine physical therapy group for a year.  Instead of improving, I started developing numbness in the affected leg, back pain, and neck pain radiating into my hands. I still could not bear weight without pain and the knee buckled constantly.   It took a year to determine that the exercises used to strengthen and stabilize my knee were aggravating my back and causing all of the symptoms.  After revising the exercises to accommodate my back, my neck pain worsened, and my knee strength was so negligible that I still carried crutches and a cane in my car wherever I went (even from the parking lot to my office – 100 feet).  Luckily, the physical therapists were so frustrated with my ‘complaints’ that they told me that I was stabilized and released me.

In 2007,  I located another physical therapy group that had a high recovery reputation treating spinal complications.  By the time I saw this group, my pain level was a ‘15’ on a scale of 1 – 10.  I received the most up to date mode of spinal therapy in the eyes of Western medicine which included a set of talented hands for orthopedic manual therapy and a more controlled focused exercise setting which allowed me to peel off 2 layers of pain dropping my pain level to an 8-10.  The only problem was, I still kept aggravating my spinal instability with the traditional and specialized controlled low weight exercises.  After  1 ½ years of therapy with this group, I felt like I was hitting a plateau and not really strengthening my spine or maintaining stability.  As well, the 20 minute hands-on treatment, the pain reduction lasted for about 24 hours only.  I needed something else.

By the stroke of luck, I read Dr. Krista’s web page and was intrigued with her integration of Western and Eastern treatment modes.  What better way to treat when you have full knowledge of the muscular-skeletal system and add the Eastern knowledge of neuromuscular and somatic connection.  My first visit and treatment with Dr. Krista were incredible.  Without having to ask me how my body felt, she could assess the alignment, the location of the spasms, and links of the spasms that were impinging on body movement elsewhere AND she could literally unwind these sensations.  I had never ever felt such a wonderful change in my body.  I finally felt straight rather than twisted.  I trusted every treatment position (even if it initially was uncomfortable) as I knew she had reviewed my Xrays, MRIs, and reports and intuitively knew that she would not aggravate my symptoms.  In fact, I had not felt this energized in 3 years.  Between visits (she recommended that I see her only once weekly),  I felt her work slowly integrate into my body.  By the third weekly visit, I could drive in my car for almost an hour without struggling to find comfort in my neck and back.  I no longer squirmed as much.  The exercises that I learned from her did not aggravate my unstable midback.  After 3 months, I no longer struggled to constantly pop my midback and was able to sleep at night uninterrupted.  After 6 months of treatment with Krista, I peeled off so many layers of pain, that I could finally take my 9 year old son for bike rides and finally started to engage in one of my favorite water sports activities.  After less than 6 months of weekly treatment with Dr. Krista, I can clearly say that I would not have improved and stabilized my knee and back without Dr. Krista’s brilliant therapeutic plan.  In hindsight, I wished I had the knowledge to have utilized her treatment in 2005.  Without the neuromuscular integration, I realize that one cannot truly attain the basic foundational sensation and natural body movement that we had when we were non-injured toddlers.

I used to sleep all day and get up only to take my son to school, pick him up from school, and cook simple meals.  Now, I can walk my dog, cook gourmet meals again, help another disabled friend regain his life, spend active time with my son, and engage in my favorite water sports activities.  Because of the ‘gift’ of life that I regained from Dr. Krista, I have changed my profession as a successful corporate consultant to creating a career as a body awareness consultant to help others strengthen their core safely, recognize the source of the problem, and learn to utilize self-help pain management.   I highly recommend all that Dr. Krista has to offer. She gave me my life back.”  Donna Chin

“Dr. Krista has the hands and spirit of a healer, an in depth knowledge of anatomy, and a keen sense of knowing what exactly is ailing you.  She works within your limitations, guides you through gentle yoga exercises and gives you the necessary tools to keep injury free.  After baffling my Orthopedist, trying different physical therapists and other alternative modalities, Dr. Krista was the ONLY person who knew how to address my complex pelvic instability and lower extremity pain due to a pinched nerve.  Krista is part healer, part personal trainer and anyone seeking to get a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan should see her!”  Susi Rugama, RN


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