Curricula Vitae

2000 BS Biology, UIUC

2003 Doctor of Physiotherapy, USC

         Clinical experience:

         Indian Health Services, Sells AZ

         Rancho Los Amigos Neurological Rehabilitation Center, Downey, CA

         Performing Arts PT and Pilates Studio, West Hollywood, CA

         Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

         Precision Biomechanics, Santa Barbara, CA

         Midwest Physical Therapy, Chicago, IL

         Volunteer for child rehabilitation: Manos de Ayuda, Puerto Penasco, Mexico

2003 Yoga Instructor, Yoga Fit, Los Angeles, CA
2003 Performing Arts Physical Therapy, Los Angeles

         Pilates Rehabilitation

         Performance Rehabilitation

                   Lion King


2003 Yoga for Scoliosis, Yoga Works, Los Angeles, CA

2003-2004 Women’s Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

         Women’s Health

         Pre and Postnatal Care

         Gyrokinesis rehabilitation

         Yoga and Pilates therapy

2003-2004 Opened WPT Studio

         Yoga therapy

         Pre and Postnatal Yoga Therapy

         Hypnobirthing with Alisha Tambouri

         Infant Massage with Lisa Swanson

         Itsy Bitsy Yoga with Khefri Riley

         BIRTHday Event, Pre and Postnatal Education

Dr Krista Augius is a wellness artist who strives to create opportunities and spaces for spiritual, emotional and physical wellness, inspiration and transformation with nature, meditation, healing and art. “I strive to remind the world of what it means to be consciously alive and engaged and that true life, love and happiness lie within, all around and inbetween,”

Dr Augius applies her diverse background in western and eastern practice by integrating holistic therapies along with her background doctoral knowledge of physiotherapy for the path to wellness. Dr. Augius received her clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California, the leading physical therapy school in the nation.  Dr. Augius provides one on one evaluation and treatment to her patients with a holistic and osteopathic physical therapy, leads meditation gatherings and wellness retreats that create a comprehensive experience for the healing process.

    Dr. Augius has taught and mentored physical therapy students in the fields of neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation to instill a strong concept of progressive and integrative health in the physical therapy profession.

    Her international travels in Asia, India and South America have instilled an integrative approach to therapy including meditation and yoga.

   Dr. Augius’ personal experience with injury and ACL reconstruction have given her insight into the rehabilitation process and its affect on other parts of the body. Her love of athletics stems from her history in gymnastics, modern dance, track and field as a sprinter, hurdler and skier.


   Dr. Augius’ other interests include being an artist, writer, singer and songwriter.  In her free time, she enjoys camping and hiking, traveling the world and spending quality time with family and friends.  Her art can be viewed at

Dr Krista Augius

Doctor of Physical Therapy

University of Southern California, 2003

Kundalini Yogi

2003-2004 Craniosacral Therapy I & II, Upledger Institute

2004-2005 Sabbatical, India

          Restorative/Medical Yoga with Yasmine Pertha

          Iyengar Institute yoga instruction

          Meditation, Osho Ashram, Pune

          Ayurvedic Philosophy, herbal medicinal oil application

          Pranayama with Dr Anand Mandahe, Ayurvedic Doctor, Mahableshwar, India

          Reiki Master mentored by Dev Rao, Center for Lifelight, Goa, India

2005-2008 Concentra Physical Therapy, San Francisco CA
          Urgent Care- Acute and Chronic Injury Rehabilitation

          Ergonomic Evaluation

          Clinical Instructor
2007 Neuropathology Instructor, Sonoma College, CA

2008 Somatoemotional Release I/Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute

2009 Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Ko

2010 Biomechanics, Examination and Interventions of Foot Disorders, APTA

2011 Meditation for Emotional Intelligence with Christine Lang

2012 Red Cord, Neurological Activation Therapy, Neurac

2013 Craniosacral Therapy for Pediatrics, Upledger Institute

2014 Visceral Manipulation 1, Barral Institue

2016 Dzogchen Meditation Practice with Shenpen Sandup from Bhutan

2017 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Golden Bridge Los Angeles

2018 Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Non-surgical management options

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